How To Care For The Fabric On A Yacht

Yacht maintenance is critical to optimal performance, but appearance is important, too. Stains, debris and normal use can make even the most luxurious yacht look drab. Damp, salty air, engine maintenance and entertaining can lead to a number of yacht fabric care needs, along with regular cleaning.

Rather than taking this job on yourself, professional yacht fabric cleaning services offer free pick-up and delivery, guaranteed satisfaction and the expertise needed for protecting specialty fabrics. Most captains and stewards have neither the time nor the experience to clean these fine fabrics properly.

Preventive measures can also help reduce the frequency for fabric cleaning. Carpet runners in high traffic areas, the use of Teflon Fabric Protector on upholstery, and cleaning up spills as they occur can greatly simplify fabric care.

Yacht Fabric Care – Linens, Uniforms, Upholstery, Carpets, Overhead And Wall Fabrics

Regular cleaning of linens, uniforms and carpets is a time consuming but necessary aspect of yacht maintenance. Caring for these fabrics properly helps them retain their brilliant colors and luxurious textures, protecting your investment.

  • Stains should be removed promptly whenever possible by dabbing with water and mild detergent. Never scrub a fabric stain as the fibers can be irreparably damaged. Your yacht cleaning company can recommend a detergent to keep on hand for spills.
  • Linens, towels, uniforms and formal wear look their best and maintain their colors and textures when cared for properly. All of these fabrics require different cleaning methods – some wet and some dry cleaning – and a professional can quickly clean each piece correctly.
  • Carpets, carpet runners, area rugs and drapery should be cleaned regularly by professionals with extensive experience for the best results. Again, depending on the material and construction, each item requires a specific type of care to look its best.
  • Yacht owners can simplify fabric care by scheduling convenient pick-up and delivery of portable fabric items with a reputable yacht cleaning company. Your time is too valuable to waste with these cleaning tasks. By comparing yacht cleaning services and reading customer testimonials, yacht owners and stewards can be assured of high quality fabric care. Be sure to select a company that can handle upholstered wall and ceiling panels as well if your yacht has these.

Dry Cleaning For Yachts

Yacht dry cleaning is the perfect way to maintain the look and feel of fabrics used to make formal wear, bed covers, decorative pillows, and curtains. These delicate fabrics are easily damaged by improper handling. Simplify caring for fine fabrics with a reputable yacht cleaning service that has the equipment and experience needed to get the job done right the first time.

Luxury fabrics that are cared for properly do not need to be replaced as often, making professional cleaning a worthwhile expense. To avoid the need for corrective cleaning, it is important to find a yacht cleaning company that guarantees their work and maintains the highest standard of performance. To contribute to pristine beaches and waterways, be sure to select a company that uses eco-friendly dry cleaning methods.

Wet Cleaning For Yachts

Wet cleaning for yachts is commonly used on casual clothing, uniforms, linens and towels. Other delicate fabrics commonly found on luxury yachts, that are normally dry cleaned, can also be restored using specialized wet cleaning methods. Wet cleaning for yachts is often used to treat water-based stains, such as soda, juice and mud on even the most delicate fabrics, but this is best left to an experienced professional for the best results.

Regularly cleaning the fabrics aboard your yacht also reduces the number of allergens and toxins in the air and allows you to offer the utmost in guest convenience and comfort. Protect all the fabrics aboard your vessel with professional and convenient yacht fabric care services.

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